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"I can’t think of anyone more suited to coaching than Ruth. She has incredible empathy and compassion and the ability to instantly eradicate negative energy. You’ll learn to be the best version of you and she helps with practical ways to heal, to grow and empowers you to overcome all the obstacles standing in your way. If this pandemic (or anything else) has overwhelmed you or your kids and you need a little help or boost or you need someone to listen, give Ruth a call. You won’t regret it. Her coaching will help you to know what is holding you back and there are practical ways for you to overcome those mental and emotional blocks..whether it be your personal or professional life. "
Ruth Harris -
founder Nohona coaching

Welcome to Nohona Coaching and a little introduction about me.

Rest assured I am not going to tell you my life story!

You need to get a sense of who I am, my experience and what sort of coach I am – then you may wish to book a free Introductory Session and see for yourself if we would be a good fit.

I have loved and lost, am a parent, been married, made my fair share of mistakes, have regrets, have had amazing experiences, had highs and lows, have thrived and survived, been proud of my achievements, been ashamed of some behaviours…in essence..



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One thing that has always been my interest and passion is human behaviour. That’s why I have dedicated my working life for the last 25 years to people - young and not so young. The express purpose has always been to help them be the best they can be. I have worked in all the sectors – public, private and voluntary. I combine many different approaches in my coaching – behavioural analysis, cognitive behaviour coaching, transactional analysis, NLP, and transformational coaching. I use my experience, initiative and YOU to find the best way to coach. Each experience is so unique.

Bottom line is – you need have no doubt with regard to my expertise!

But you need to experience that for yourself. I may not be the coach for you. We will both decide that after your free Introductory Session. If we decide I am not the right person – we both say thanks and goodbye – I promise I won’t bombard you with further contact – we all know how annoying that is!

I am direct, honest, transparent, totally focused and dedicated to my clients. During a coaching session my clients know they have my full attention and expertise. I also use humour and challenge when appropriate – you need to know this as it can put you on the spot! But hey – you have come to coaching to have the mirror held up right?

I am kind, genuine and real. I don’t use fancy language, I don’t bombard my clients with self-help quotes and useless inspirational nonsense. My clients leave our sessions feeling they have been heard, have direction, a bit more clarity, and hope that they are going to get where they want to be.

WARNING: sometimes there is no quick fix – some changes take time, digging deep and exploration. It takes your commitment and action; as only then can the desirable changes be made and sustained. But more about this on the What Is Coaching page.

So – why not book a free Introductory Session then you will know much more about the coaching process, me, and if we can work together. If it is a 'go-er' – then you have a really solid, powerhouse by your side.

It would be an honour to be trusted by you and you have my word that I will do my best.


"I cannot imagine a more inspirational person than Ruth. You will be guaranteed attention to detail, unbridled enthusiasm, and an intellect that will quickly assimilate your best needs. Also a person with a great sense of humour that will no doubt push you to your full potential whilst at the same time making you laugh. What could be better than that?"