For every 1 hour of face-to-face coaching, there is at least an additional hour of support and feedback.
You will get summaries of our sessions highlighting the key points and any actions.
Plus, remember you are 'renting my head-space' for the time we are working together - I will be mulling over and contemplating our sessions and how best I can coach you throughout our journey together.
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2 free sessions for parents/carers
With any package booked for a young person, the price includes 2 free sessions for parents/carers.

Can you put a price tag on the change you seek?
Think about when it has been achieved...what was it worth?
All packages include support in-between sessions - 
email/phone/text - whatever you need.

"I’ve recently worked with Ruth after struggling to find the next step in my career following raising 2 children and to explore my options. Ruth was fantastic! We set objectives for what I wanted to accomplish, identified my values and tackled both domestic obstacles as well as my personal confidence returning to the workplace. I was so pleased with the structure and focus of each session. I can honestly say I'm on my way to accomplishing my goals. I highly recommend Ruth. She's focused, reflective, practical and supportive. Thank you. "

Free introductory session

30 mins

Let's start with a free Introductory Session where we can get to know each other, talk about your challenges and the outcomes you would like to get from coaching; discuss the coaching process and how I can support; and decide if we think we would make a good team!

See below for details about how sessions work.

coaching packages

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1 X 75 MINS


If you’re not quite ready to commit to a longer coaching programme, I offer a one-off Clarity Session so you can experience the coaching process and working with me.


We can discuss at your Free Introductory Session what might be useful to bring to this taster session.

coaching packages

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When booked for a young person - this includes 2 free sessions for the parent/carer.

This is my standard package which consists of 6 one-hour sessions with support between sessions.

This can also make a great gift for someone who has a goal that they are struggling to work towards or who needs that extra boost and motivation to start moving forward. 


If booking this for someone else, I would suggest we have a free session so I can get the background/details on the person for whom you are purchasing the package.

coaching packages

On The Wings Of Freedom - Birds Flying A




When booked for a young person - this includes 2 free sessions for the parent/carer.

12 one-hour sessions with support between sessions.

If you are truly committed to make a change and create a life that is full and authentic, then this is the package for you.


This package is your chance to reboot your life. 


We’ll create a long-lasting change so that your life, your work and your relationships are truly transformed.

how sessions work

All sessions are done online using Zoom. Telephone sessions can be arranged if you would prefer, but the face to face contact is a very important part of the process. The free Introductory Sessions are 30 minutes, the coaching sessions 60 minutes.

You should consider starting with 6 sessions, with a view of booking more if you want true transformation. Sessions can be booked weekly or fortnightly. The timing between your sessions will be decided when we meet and will depend on what works best for you and your situation.

The purpose of the Introductory Session is to make sure we are both on the same page. That you understand what coaching is, and what it is not, how I work, your expectations and whether coaching is the right thing for you at that time. It will also allow us to see if we are a ‘good fit’ for each other!

We will also discuss payment and our Coaching Agreement. This is a document that outlines how we are going to work together, our ground rules, the number of initial sessions we have agreed, cancellation details etc. This document will be emailed to you to read over and sign prior to your first coaching session. The Coaching Agreement is a working document and can be amended at any time depending on how our sessions develop.

Once your coaching begins, you have the option of keeping a Nohona Coaching Log. This, and some additional information, will be sent to you when you sign up. This can be a really effective tool and a place where you can keep track of your sessions. It can be used to log any new revelations, thought processes, ideas, agreed actions. You can use it to note down things that come to mind in-between sessions that you might want to discuss. It is something tangible that you can refer to throughout your coaching journey. Like I said – it is optional, but many people find it incredible useful.

Confidentiality & Safeguarding:

As the client/coach relationship develops, my clients invariably become more relaxed and forthcoming. It is therefore not surprising that from time to time, quite personal, private and sensitive issues emerge.

As yet the coaching industry is unregulated, which means we have no externally imposed legal constraints or rules regarding confidentiality. You need not be concerned. The importance I attach to the need for absolute confidentiality has guided me in the development of my own, rigidly held code, which is applied throughout. My clients are given an absolute assurance that whatever happens between us stays strictly between us. Any records I make are made only with my client’s consent. They are kept totally anonymous and are held securely under lock and key or are encrypted.

I need to be certain that all my clients are comfortable with my assurances. However, should you have any doubts or concerns in this area, I am confident that exchanged emails would deal with them to your complete satisfaction.

The only time when client confidentiality may be breached, is if I feel they are a danger to themselves or to others. 

Both Confidentiality and Safeguarding are covered in the Coaching Agreement.

So - let's get your journey started - book in for a free Introductory Session and we'll take it from there!