What Coaching Is & What Coaching Is Not

"Honesty, integrity and a no bullsh*t approach. That is what drew me to Ruth as a coach. She is a powerhouse and amazing to work with. She even held me accountable for my actions between sessions, which really made a difference. If you want to get things done and changed - look no further!"
What is coaching?

Think of a Transformational Coach as a person professionally trained, to promote, in others, sustainable wellness and change.


Coaching explores who you really are; delving deeply to understand why you behave and think the way you do. Coaching looks at what you want from life, what’s going on inside your head and how you can start making changes that bridge the gap between your current circumstances and the life you’d like to lead.

Now, when I say ‘life you’d like to lead’… obviously this is within reason! If you aspire to own a tropical island, have Idris Elba as your bar tender (or whoever floats your boat), eat pizza and drink margarita’s all day.. I suspect, very quickly, I would be challenging this goal! Unless, of course it is achievable, in that case, please may I come for a visit?

Goal setting and seeking solutions are part of coaching, but the most powerful aspect is the understanding and exploration of yourself and your life – looking at your beliefs, fears, thoughts, assumptions and behaviours. It can give you real awareness and clarity on negative patterns that could potentially be inhibiting your success.

You know the 'self-talk' we all do? Those voices in our head, that can be anything from very supportive, to critical and casting doubt on our abilities… well, coaching challenges that too!

This will give you so many profound ‘caramba’ moments – and trust me – they are mind-blowingly powerful – sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a deeply challenging way.

A good coach will never judge or interrupt. A good coach will listen intently, reflect back and question insightfully, and have conversations to really trigger your deepest thoughts, feelings and true nature. A good coach will never advise because - and this is key...

you have all the answers you need inside of you – coaching will help them come to the surface.

What coaching is not...

Coaching is not a quick fix

You need to be committed and dedicated to at least 6 sessions – often more are needed – rarely less.

Coaching does not give you advice

You are the one who holds all your own answers; you just need help finding them.

Coaching is not counselLing

Counselling tends to focus on problems or trauma - usually emotional - from the past. Coaching focuses on the future with the odd little jaunt into your past to gain insight where relevant.

Coaching is not cheap

Think about all the money you spent on ‘stuff’ that you never use, on take aways, booze, holidays, gym subscriptions! Many of these just give you short term pleasure and gain. Coaching can give you the same feel good factor – but for life.

Coaching is not a regulated business as yet

Anybody can set up as a coach. Be careful that you choose someone with experience and credibility as evidenced by professional training that is accredited by either the ICF (International Coaching Federation) or the ACC (Associate Certified Coach). These two organisations ensure the coach has demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in the application of the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.