Why have coaching...

"I have worked with Ruth for several months now and I have to say it has made a huge difference. She cuts through the crap, the excuses and procrastinations, and really helps you to challenge and change your beliefs to ones that work in your favour, rather than against you. A phenomenal listener, she misses nothing! Having coaching is one of the best decisions I have ever made. "

Look at all the self help merchandise out there – the magazines, blogs, books, podcasts…one google search will give you millions of ways you can change your life! It’s an industry worth over 13 billion pounds and growing.


So, if it so simple,  why do people not change?

Firstly you need to understand why you aren’t doing anything about changing. If you are serious about changing your current circumstances – you need help way beyond these generic ‘sources of wisdom’. It needs to be personal and specific to you. Without that, unless you have massive self awareness, personal power, focus and determination – the change you seek will forever be out of reach. 

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There are so many ways coaching could help you – here are just a few:

Coaching will help you develop these skills.


Feel clearer about what you want from your life, stop worrying about things you cannot control, and take control of the things you can

Coaching will help you develop these skills.


Work towards goals – life, fitness, career – gain insight and awareness about how to achieve them, and the determination and motivation to take the required steps

Coaching will help you develop these skills.


Gain more confidence – stop doubting yourself and worrying so much about what others think about you

Coaching will help you develop these skills.


Look at situations, people, interactions and problems from a different perspective in order to gain new insights

Coaching will help you develop these skills.


Challenge and conquer habits, negative thoughts and behaviours – and excuse-making!

Coaching will help you develop these skills.


Improve your relationships, your financial situation, your career – find a sense of purpose

Coaching will help you develop these skills.


In business, coaching can help improve performance and planning, help manage stress and pressure, and improve your staff management and leadership skills

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So, if you are ready to start taking steps towards your aspirations and away from the things that are holding you back, and you want to work with a coach who is passionate, dedicated and kind, says it how it is and will give you that extra motivation when needed…come on in!