"On meeting Ruth for the first time I just knew I had made a fantastic decision for myself and chosen the right person for me! Feeling stuck with all sorts of ideas running through my head she asked the right questions and helped me lay it all out on the table and see a clear path for the first time in a very long time. With the right amount of motivation and accountability I am now moving forward, excited about the future with a powerhouse of support from her along the way."
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"I cannot imagine a more inspirational person than Ruth. You will be guaranteed attention to detail, unbridled enthusiasm, and an intellect that will quickly assimilate your best needs. Also a person with a great sense of humour that will no doubt push you to your full potential whilst at the same time making you laugh. What could be better than that?"
"Honesty, integrity and a no bullsh*t approach. That is what drew me to Ruth as a coach. She is a powerhouse and amazing to work with. She even held me accountable for my actions between sessions, which really made a difference. If you want to get things done and changed - look no further!"
"I have worked with Ruth for several months now and I have to say it has made a huge difference. She cuts through the crap, the excuses and procrastinations, and really helps you to challenge and change your beliefs to ones that work in your favour, rather than against you. A phenomenal listener, she misses nothing! Having coaching is one of the best decisions I have ever made. "
"I can’t think of anyone more suited to coaching than Ruth. She has incredible empathy and compassion and the ability to instantly eradicate negative energy. You’ll learn to be the best version of you and she helps with practical ways to heal, to grow and empowers you to overcome all the obstacles standing in your way. If this pandemic (or anything else) has overwhelmed you or your kids and you need a little help or boost or you need someone to listen, give Ruth a call. You won’t regret it. Her coaching will help you to know what is holding you back and there are practical ways for you to overcome those mental and emotional blocks..whether it be your personal or professional life. "
"I’ve recently worked with Ruth after struggling to find the next step in my career following raising 2 children and to explore my options. Ruth was fantastic! We set objectives for what I wanted to accomplish, identified my values and tackled both domestic obstacles as well as my personal confidence returning to the workplace. I was so pleased with the structure and focus of each session. I can honestly say I'm on my way to accomplishing my goals. I highly recommend Ruth. She's focused, reflective, practical and supportive. Thank you. "
"It's been great to work with Ruth over the last few months, she's an excellent human with a wealth of knowledge. You can't go wrong asking her to coach you. "
"Ruth is amazing and has helped me really make a positive change in my life and to realise how amazing I really am. She helped me to identify issues and develop  techniques to deal with them. As a result I feel like I have really changed for the better, making me a happier and healthier individual."
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